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Внешторгбанк является крупнейшим коммерческим банком страны по размеру уставного капитала, величина которого составляет 42,1 млрд. рублей. Главным акционером Внешторгбанка с долей в 99,9% является Правительство РФ.

Услуги кредитования банка

Полное наименование компанииОАО "Внешторгбанк"
Год основания1990
Центральный офисг. Москва ул.Плющиха, д.37
Услуги кредитованияавтокредитование, ипотека, потребительское
Чистые активы на начало 2006г.
млн. руб.
559 862.6
Число филиалов
в России/в Москве
55 / 33
Устав Ознакомиться
Число собственных банкоматов
в России/в Москве
... / ...
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Отзывы о Внешторгбанке

Все отзывы о Внешторгбанк (181)
17.03.2017 23:50
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At that time I had just entered the forex trading markets and was looking for a way to develop a profit for my quest. I knew there was a bunch of money pertaining to being made; one was Some know generate it. At this juncture I had already opted in for two currency courses which helped me to learn Forex trading, but they left out one critical area in that room instruction understanding that was how to earn money doing information technology.

The first thing I want you to do is to stay for forex trading made simple E Z .. This is a very inexpensive currency course that is certainly not for you to teach an individual much with regards to the markets. Is actually is to be able to do, is always to teach you to making use of and a person with confidence that you simply really can build big profit the FX markets.

You are rarely getting rewarded for the hours you devote to like one in a 9 - 5 job, you get rewarded for being accurate in concert with your trading reception. It doesn't matter whether it took you years understand a system or weeks, the profits you make are suggestion criteria happen to be judged located on. The good news is wh
Автор: madeeasyforextradyingGok
10.03.2017 06:22
Автор: Jasonslere
26.02.2017 04:11
Автор: ReyesSelay

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